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We’re so pleased you’ve come to our cozy cyber cafe for all you Story lovers & tea sippers! Whether you’re an aspiring writer looking for inspiration and motivation, an avid reader hungry for the next book recommendation, or a hot tea drinking junky, we’ve got your back.

And who, you may ask, are we? Mez Blume & Bri Stox (aka. the Sippit sisters) at your service. We are two authors who share a passion for Children’s, Middle Grade & YA stories, as well as big cups of the perfect tea to accompany them. So pull up a comfy seat & settle in! 

You can find your next favorite book from our book review pages, or if you are working on your own book, check out our writing tools page (still working on it :). Mez and Bri also each have their own author pages. Click on their names to check them out!